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Hello Wild Ale Lovers

We are proud to bring back our Membership club, The Funky Bunch for 2017. We bring you this collection of very limited, special releases and member exclusive perks and events.

The Funky Bunch will be Very Limited for 2017.

We are excited to get to know our members throughout this year and into the future.

Perks of Membership:

Your $200 membership includes:

10 bottles 750 ml of limited, special release beer.
First rights to purchase any extra membership bottles (if there are any)
First rights to purchase any regular release bottles
Member exclusive barrel tasting and blending parties ($10 entrance fee)
1 piece of California Wild Ale glassware
Founding Members T-Shirt
Bottle release events fully catered with gourmet food pairings

Please fill out the form below and register to become a member.

Founding Member200USD

Due to the nature of wild/sour ale production. The bottles re fermentation process can vary and we cannot give details on the exact dates for bottle releases or events. Membership events will be announced via email and you can join the California Wild Ales Facebook page as well as The Funky Bunch Facebook Group and Instagram .