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California Wild Ales was born out of our love of funky, sour beer. Having grown tired of the hop wars, we set our sights on producing something different using old world brewing techniques.

Here at California Wild Ales, we are committed to delivering complex barrel aged sour beers.

In order to achieve our standard for the highest quality sour beer, we will age the beer until it is ready, both in oak barrels and the bottles, no exceptions. This method may take longer but rest assured it will be worth the wait.

Our tasting room is now open Thursday-Sunday.  Thursday 12-8pm, Friday 12-8pm, Saturday 12-7pm, and Sunday 12-5pm.  Come on in and taste what everyone is talking about.

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Our beer recipes are carefully crafted by our head brewer/blender.  We then coordinate contract brews with some of the best breweries in San Diego to brew our wort (unfermented beer). We then bring it back to our barrel house where we ferment and age our beer in different oak barrels (American, French, and Hungarian) to round out the beer and create different layers of complexity. This depth is produced only through an extensive barrel aging process. When the beer tells us it is ready, it is time for the blending process. Finally, after blending and allowing the bottle to re-ferment, we leave it to bottle condition for a few more months to allow the funk to really reach its peak.

Gose Loco

Our California Wild Ale Gose is aged in tequila barrels with Lime Juice, Salt, and Coriander for 4 months.  Our California Wild Ale Gose aged tequila flavor will be the perfect compliment to your next fiesta.

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Our California Wild Golden Sour ale is fermented and aged in freshly emptied Cabernet and Pinot Noir barrels that will rest for at least 1 year and will be bottle conditioned for at least 3 months to allow the funk to really develop.

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We would love to connect with those who have a love for the funk and for  delicious barrel-aged sour beer. We will be organizing several events around Southern California including Beer Tastings, Art/ Gallery Showings, Food Pairings with Bottle Sharing… and much more.

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