Hope this Answers Some of Your Questions

When was California Wild Ales Founded?

California Wild Ales was formed as an LLC on December 7, 2015.

What does my membership include?

  • 10 bottles 750 ml of limited, special release beer.
  • First rights to purchase any extra membership bottles (if there are any)
  • First rights to purchase any regular release bottles
  • 1 piece of California Wild Ale glassware
  • Founding Members T-Shirt
  • Member ID card
  • Bottle release events fully catered with gourmet food pairings

Do you ship outside of California?

No, due to distribution restrictions we are not legally able to ship outside California.

When will my membership year start?

The membership year will officially start when you get your first bottle. With that being said, the first year members will be receiving many extra months as you will be included through every step of the process, including access to some R&D beer we sill be showcasing around town. We will not be able to ship this beer right away but as soon as we can we will honor the shipping option of the membership.

When can we expect our beer?

Due to the nature of wild ales it is hard to say exactly when the beer will be ready. Each beer is barrel aged for a minimum of 4 months and then allowed to bottle condition for another 3 months.

Is the beer bottle conditioning now?

Yes.  We are currently bottle conditioning a variety of ales.

Is this a fundraiser?

No, this is a membership sale that includes Beer, Events and Perks that will be given throughout the year.

Can you get me some stickers?

This is one of our most popular questions. The answer is YES! Please send a self addressed and stamped envelope to 4202 Sorrento Valley Blvd, Suite L & M, San Diego CA 92107. We will do our best to get these to you in a timely fashion.

Can I taste your beer?

We have hosted tastings in the past. If you missed out on those..we will be having some coming up. Tastings and other events will be announced through the CWA website as well as through social media.

What is collaboration brewing?

We contract brew our recipe with one of the other 120 breweries in San Diego. We will be working with best breweries to bring you the most delicious product possible.

Can we visit your Barrel House location?

Come on in!  We are open every Friday 4-8pm, Saturday 12-9pm, and Sunday 12-5pm.  We would love to show you our space and and have you sample some wild ales.